Bildungsscheck NRW If   you   want   to   claim   the   “Bildungsscheck   NRW”   which   entitles   you   to   a   financial   support   of   up   to     500   Euro,   you   have   to   take   the   following   steps         b      e      f      o      r      e         you   register   for   a   course   in   our institute (You must also have a regular income or be self-employed): 1. Go to “W.I.R. - Weiterbildung im Revier”, Kennedyplatz 5 in 45127 Essen. 2. Tell them, you would like to make use of the „Bildungsscheck NRW“. 3. You must name 3 schools which offer language courses like the one you want to attend. 4. Make sure that the “Babylon Bildungsinstitut, Juliusstr. 13 in 45128 Essen” is one of them. 5. Come with the Bildungsscheck to our institute and register for the course. For further information, please get in touch with me under the following link: