DaF  level B1 Small groups, about 5 people Join later at reduced fees! Book now and get the rest of A2 (if available) at reduced fees! Bildungsscheck NRW is accepted ! The course is for people who have had about 400 German lessons so far and reached the level A2.  Participants will be capable to actively use German and coherently express their opinion on well known  topics and personal interests. If standard language is used and familiar areas such as work, school and  spare time are discussed there are no problems to understand the main points. Members of the course do  not find it difficult to talk about their own experiences and events they have witnessed. They can talk  about their hopes and ambitions and give reasons as to how they want to fulfill most of them.   Zu den Kursgebühren kommen ca. € 25,00 für ein Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch hinzu.  For more information please write an E-Mail.
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